Illgresi – Real-Time Strategy

Illgresi is the second game I was part of developing during the technical artist program at the game assembly.
It´s a Real-Time Strategy game we made in a group of 5 programmers, 5 level designers, 7 artist and 5 technical artists.
The game was made during 10 weeks at half time ( 5 weeks effective time).

The game takes place in a mythical forest inspired by nordic mythology. In the game you command an army
of three different types mysterious forest creatures. These creatures are locked in a ruthless conflict with another forest clan that needs to be stopped.
Its up to you  to create an army powerful enough to bring peace to the forest region. To do this you need to claim and upgrade monuments
scattered across the map. When you have mustered an army you need to destroy all the monuments of enemy team before they destroy you.

My responsibilities as a technical artist:

  • Creating and maintaining the pipeline for terrain creation and exporting together with Soran Aziz (click here for more information about the pipeline).

  • Creating a node network for generating height fields and splatmaps inside World machine ( click here for more information about the World Machine network ).

  • Assisting level designers with the generating of levels and provide support.

  • Created a script used for preparing objects for exporting.

  • Creating particle effects.