Neon Trigger – 3D Space Shooter

Negon Trigger was the first game I was part of developing during the technical artist program at the game assembly.
It´s a  3D space shooter we made in a group of 5 programmers, 5 level designers, 7 artist and 5 technical artists.
The game was made during 10 weeks at half time ( 5 weeks effective time).

In the game you play as Dr Fox, a brilliant scientists that leaves earth to deal with his anger management issues.
After cooling his nerves in the cold void he decides to travel back to earth. But they journey turns out to be a all but simple.
During his way back he runs in to a space biker gang who constantly disrupts and sabotage his journey.

My responsibilities as a technical artist:

  • Created and maintained a pipeline for creating skyboxes ( You learn more about processes here).

  • Creating particle effects.

  • Helping artist troubleshoot problems with their software.

  • Created a script used to transfer textures from  a CGFX shader to a Blinn shader inside Maya to ease the exporting of 3D models.