Six Cameras – skybox render

I made this script during our space shooter game project Neon Trigger. We used it to create the skyboxes used ingame.
The artist created a spherical map inside Photoshop and made sure it was tiling sideways. The texture was then applied to a sphere with 80 subdivisions
inside Autodesk Maya together with an ambient light to kill the shadows inside the scene.

When all preparations had been made the user started the script. The script creates 6 cameras with 90 degree fov which points in the X+, X-, Y+, Y-, Z+, Z- axis.
When the cameras have been created the user inputs the name of the images in the text field and specifies the output size. Then the script starts off a
Maya Software rendering session and renders out the images. The Images are saved in TARGA format into a folder (Skybox_Images) created in the users current project.
The script adds which axis the image has been rendered from to the filename in order to easily load them into Cube Map Gen.